Ashley Niutta | A Vibrant Cafe In The South East – Torpe
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A Vibrant Cafe In The South East – Torpe



So, without further ado. I introduce you to a café I have fallen in love with.. Torpe. Aka Foodie utopia! Torpe is located in a cosy white walled building on Wattletree Rd in the gorgeous Armadale!

What a super cute location that is a café by day, and bar by night. I made my way through the venue totally in love with the north-facing windows, which allowed so much natural light setting a perfect scene for Sunday breakfast! Torpe is a split-level space and is furnished with timeless pieces I wanted to take home. Not to mention the vibrant pink room I wanted to live in. Big-framed windows out looking the streets, baby pink marble tables, shades of pink printed pillows, grand chandeliers & so much gorgeous greenery! It’s definitely a hotspot and a café I’ll go back to again… Girls, gotta get the picture for the gram in this room tho..(hehe)

Moving onto what you actually would like to read… Saving the best to last.. OUR FOODIE PICK.

It was hard to move past the turmeric sweet corn fritters along side fresh radish, smoked salmon, poached eggs and house made chilli jam. YUM!

Look, smash avo is just a dish that I need to have no matter what. Smashed avo is life and oh my lord was it worth it! Goats fetta marinated, alfalfa sprouts, soy pepitas and two poached eggs. Can I get an Amen?

As you all would know, I am the biggest sweet tooth so my meals need to be balanced with something sweet to completely satisfy me. Next up was the salted peanut butter pancakes. Now, let me tell you. If you love peanut butter like I do then you’ll be obsessing over these pancakes for life. THESE ARE A MUST TRY!

To finish off I must add that even though it was Sunday, I was bopping away the whole time to the rnb music playing throughout the venue! Tops!