Ashley Niutta | Avani
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After a comfy flight with Malaysia airlines, we were picked up from the Koh Samui airport. On our way down south towards Avani, we were given a first-hand view of the hustling lifestyle of the locals in Koh Samui. Road rules don’t really apply here and the traffic is hectic but somehow no one seems to be in a rush. I can’t really complain about Melbourne traffic anymore!

Through our journey to the south coast, the density of the island slowly began to wound into palm trees and scenic coastlines. Lush greenery, clear blue skies and fresh air followed us on our way.

After 45 minutes in the car, we were taken away by the beauty of Avani Samui and I realised we were in for something special. As we we pulled into the driveway of this brand new establishment (opened in 2018), we felt a sense of excitement yet relaxation. We were greeted by welcoming smiles and divine mango flavoured ice cream that i’ll never forget! To top it all off we were given our favourite lemongrass towels which refreshed and rejuvenated.

We were privileged enough to be hosted by Avani for the first 3 nights of our trip. Greeted by the friendliest staff we have ever experienced, their smiles were infectious and welcomed us like family! Aside from their warmth, their English was very good and service was outstanding. We all know that hotel/resort staff can make or break how you feel during your stay, but I can safely say that the staff at Avani were the very best I have experienced anywhere. They are always happy to help, have a chat (but know when to let you go) and will go out of their way to make sure you have a pleasant and enjoyable stay.

Walking around Avani Samui, I was really able to feel the rich culture and history of Thailand and the fun and friendliness that filled the island.

During our stay at Avani, we got a real taste of what Thailand was all about. From the beautiful surrounding beaches to the temples on the mountain tops, the local coconut farms to the waterfalls in the jungle, we truly got to experience the diversity taht Thailand has to offer.

On this trip, I was working with a few labels and was lucky enough to have these stunning tropical backdrops to shoot them in. These were the looks I wore around the hotel. You can find the labels of my outfits on my Instagram. Check them out below:


Our stay was in the beautiful Avani Pool Villa with a large private pool and grand open rooms. Natural light filtered into our room complete with a king bed, spacious walk in wardrobe, his and her bathroom overlooking the pool, slippers, thongs, beach bag are all supplied as well as complimentary bottle of water.

The Avani property and beach are exclusive which is something that I loved! Walking around the luscious palms and gorgeous pools was by far the best way to get around and absorb the scenery. Avani also offered a stunning spa, gym facilities and convenient beach access.

Avani Samui has one central area for eating, a beachy outdoor area overlooking the pool and ocean views. First thing’s first, breakfast! The morning buffet is delicious! There is a large buffet you can choose from as well as the à la carte menu and I must say, the healthy juice shots served as the staff welcome you to breakfast were definitely my favourite part of the meal!

Lunch and dinner were again nothing short of grand, with a vast array of choices from daily menus to chiefs specials that were all too tempting. You could choose from local Thai dishes to sandwiches and salads – the choices were endless!

One thing we loved about Avani Sami was that there was always some sort of entertainment on, leaving us feeling more than satisfied! During the week they host jazz musicians, fire shows, dancers, cinema nights on the beach etc. for the evening so you can enjoy your meal and a quiet beverage as you watch the sun go down with some great tunes.

The Avani spa is located at the centre of the property and is a perfect way to settle in and relax the day away. As usual the staff were lovely and instantly made us feel happy with their welcoming smiles. We had a complimentary massage which left us feeling like we were walking on clouds.

We had the amazing opportunity to cruise over crystal clear waters to Koh Mudsum by a traditional Thai longtail boat. It was a short boat ride away, approximately 25 minutes away and it was was by far one of the best beaches I’ve ever seen, in fact, it’s probably the whitest sand I’ve ever walked on. A small bar shack run by the locals served drinks and ice cream which we enjoyed as we watched huge pigs trotting along the island – so cute!

Back on Koh Samui, we also had a private tour to Namuang Waterfall which is stunning. The sun caught in between the green of the jungle and glistening on top of the water made this waterfall feel picture perfect.  On our journey we also stopped to visit Pagoda Laem Sor Temple and a local coconut farm.

Namuang Waterfall – s t u n n i n g!

Our private beach dinner by the stunning water was definitely my favourite experience of our whole trip! After not knowing anything about this experience, Michael certainly lifted his game and organised this picture perfect night for me with the help of Cindy (our angel). I walked into Avani Samui with a boyfriend, and I left with a fiancé! WE GOT ENGAGED UNDER THESE DREAMY LIGHTS AND IT WAS MAGICAL!

Words can’t give justice to our incredible experience and just how much we loved our time at Avani! It felt like a home away from home and one of the nicest resorts I have ever stayed in. The beautiful memories made here are ones that we will never forget! I hope I am fortunate enough to be able to experience this very special place again very soon! Here’s to many more memories to come!