Ashley Niutta | LOOK: Denim and embroidered bomber jacket
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LOOK: Denim and embroidered bomber jacket

There is nothing quite as satisfying as find ing the perfect tran-seasonal piece. This gorgeous reversible embroidered bomber jacket and denim overall piece is just that. The fit of the stylish bomber is loose and the fabric isn’t too heavy making it a great choice for the days that might be a little cooler through Autumn. I was instantly attracted to this bomber! The versatility being able to wear it in two different colour ways sold it for me. I’m a real lover of leopard print so I prefer to wear the bomber showing this print to add a little more character to my outfit.

I’ve paired this reversible bomber with a sweet denim overall dress that is a must staple piece in my wardrobe. I like to have fun with overall dresses, it gives me a way to be creative with what I layer it with and how I can make the one piece look different every time. This denim number is perfect for lounging or a day out and about. It’s somehow classic yet has the perfect combination of cute, eye-catching and the epitome of laid-back chic. I don’t like the cold, although this makes me excited for the cooler weather coming up to be able to layer with amazing prints, textures and fabrics. I’m ready for you Winter!

When it comes to being comfortable, I think a lot of people don’t realize that a bag will actually make a huge difference. I brought this cross body bag from River Island that is the perfect size bag to fix enough but not allow too much at the same time. I know I’m guilty of it, the bigger the bag, the more us ladies know how to compile things in there that we may not need. I’m a perfect example of it, I would dread to carry my tote bag anywhere because it was always so heavy! I invested in a few smaller bags that would not only complement my outfits, although just allowed me to carry the essentials with me for the day to day events. For it to be the perfect size everyday bag, it must fit your phone, keys, sunglasses and of course a girls best friend, her lipstick!

Even though this bag wouldn’t be classified as a bag I thought would go with everything as it’s appearance is quite striking, Surprisingly it has put me to the challenge complementing every outfit I have accessorized it with! Even combining two prints like the outfit I am wearing, the leopard print and the checks go so well together uplifting the whole outfit! What I love even more about this bag is the days that I’m wearing jeans and a tee that’s really makes the bag stands out most. It creates a new element going from super casual to now having a little bit of flair!

Select your bags wisely to tell the story of your outfit!



Bomber: Sportsgirl

Overall Dress: Rag & Bone

Choker: Vanessa Mooney

Hoops: Gorjana

Shoes: Seed Heritage