Ashley Niutta | The Alleyway Cafe
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The Alleyway Cafe

Still new to the area, I can already see, this modern, open-spaced café will be the place to be, especially in the colder coming months. With their mouthwatering coffees and variety of food choices your biggest problem visiting this café will be trying to decide which delicious meal to order. I’m guilty, I ordered three different dishes to share.. not including coffee and smoothies!

Their very friendly staff were confident with their recommendations of what food we should try for breakfast.

So this is what the line up looked like for the boyfie and I;

Acai Super Bowl

Strawberry French Toast Roll Ups

Breakfast Bowl

Soy Latte

Green Health Smoothie

Banana Smoothie

Hey, I thought you said you weren’t going to judge?

I think our dishes were perfect, the breakfast bowl was super filling and tasted oh so amazing, especially the hit of flavor from the halloumi mixed through the breakfast bowl which is the key to my heart! The acai super bowl was refreshing! Usually after acai bowls I’m still left feeling hungry, although this bowl was full of greatness, granola, yoghurt and a variety of fresh fruits to make it filling. Lucky last, my favourite of the meal.. The Strawberry French Toast. Oh wow. It’s safe to say every mouthful was simply delicious. Put it this way, Michael isn’t a sweet tooth and he even helped me eat it! (Which I wasn’t happy about!). I definitely recommend it!

Michael had the banana smoothie, which was really yummy, and I tried the Healthy smoothie which was surprisingly nice, it helped make me feel not as guilty for eating all the french toast!

Whether you are looking for lunch on a Saturday or brunch with the girls on a Monday, the Alleyway won’t disappoint. They don’t just do breakfast, they do lunch also! Thank you for having us, we look forward to visiting again!